Laundry Room Organization

National Laundry Day coming up was all the motivation needed to finally get some laundry room organization done. To celebrate the day, sharing some of my best laundry room organization tips seemed fitting.


I normally buy powdered Gain in the larger size box, but have been known to make my own detergent. Opening (and sometimes storing) the cardboard box that detergent comes in can be cumbersome. Often, laundry rooms are laid out in such a way that the detergent is either stored across the room from the washer or shoved in a lower cabinet that is hard to access. Or its in an upper that is difficult to reach. Or the builder only installed one single shelf for storage in the entire space (what is up with that, builders?).

My solution? Make it pretty! Decant the detergent into a container that can be left out on a counter, shelf, or even on top of the washer or dryer. In this house, I got a little creative. A cute garbage can (with a liner) caught my eye. It is just about the perfect size to dump a box of detergent in, and it has a lid! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

laundry detergent containers

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You can even buy scoops that are an upgrade from the plastic ones included with the detergent. Something both functional and decorative? Gimme!

You can do the same for other laundry items. Stain soap bars, oxyclean, scent booster, dryer sheets, and dryer balls all look better in pretty containers!

If you’re a liquid detergent fan, I’ve got a beautiful solution for you too! In the past, I have poured my liquid detergent into a drink dispenser. I just kept a cute cup, tea cup, or measuring cup next to it for dispensing the detergent into the washing machine.

National Laundry Day lit a fire under my behind to finally do something about the state of my laundry room. Not gunna lie- it was not good. Things kept getting lost in the mess that was the cabinets and shoved further and further to the back, well out of reach.

In maybe twenty minutes (while sitting on the sofa) I had put an order in for pick up at my local Target. Have you used that service, btw? Its so convenient to take your time shopping online and then just run in and grab your order! Or, if your locations has drive up, they’ll even bring your order to your car. Busy + lazy me gets so much more done during the day when I do that since I can just put in my order when I’m on my phone before bed or while I’m helping my daughter with her school work.

Getting the cabinets organized took about the same amount of time with my daughter’s help. As we were admiring our work, she looked over at me and said at first she didn’t it was necessary to organize the cabinets. Then she looked at the completed project and realized how much easier it will be to access everything now and how nice it is to be able to actually see everything. A high compliment, indeed! Lol!

Here are all the products I used to organize these cabinets in my laundry room: