New Beginnings

New Year’s Resolutions are good and great, but I much prefer this time of year to make changes and goals. With the change in routine that comes with the beginning of the school year, I find it much easier to set and follow through with goals in September versus January. This is likely part of why fall is my favorite season. There is something so refreshing about the changes that the fall season brings in.

This school year (and I can’t believe I am actually typing this and I don’t want to jinx it) has been off to a GREAT start. The tween daughter is infinitely more willing to come into the school room and do school this year than she has been the past several years. Yes, even at only two weeks in, I can tell a difference. More on that another time.


While we are busy in some new ways, we are less busy in some ways, if that makes sense. I’ve been practicing saying “no” to things that don’t work for our family. I was super interested in  TWO co-ops that some fellow homeschooling mamas started up this year, and had even tentatively agreed to teach a class at one. But when I realized that the co-op was (1) going to cover core subjects despite saying they were not going to and (2) would not be offering any classes for my daughter that she was interested in and (3) would mean an hour and a half of drive time minimum, I decided that it was not what was best for our family and quickly passed on the opportunity.

We have added a local science class to the schedule that I’m stoked about! One of my weak areas in education is chemistry, so I was happy to find a not-quite-opened-yet science lab/class just 15 minutes away from where we are temporarily renting a house while we:


I. Am. So. Freaking. EXCITED! Building a home has been our dream for YEARS. And now it has finally come to fruition. We found the most beautiful piece of property in the town we love and consider home last fall and purchased it in November. So after we sold our home, moved into a rental, got the paperwork in order, found our builder, etc. we broke ground! I’d like to chronicle our forever home building process here, so brace yourselves for everything house related.