In November we purchased several acres of land to one day build our dream home on. This has been a goal of ours for several years now, and we are finally inching closer to making it happen! This weekend we officially listed our home for sale!

This isn’t the first home we’ve sold, so I am well aware of the headache that showing a home brings. Keeping a house in show worthy condition for (potentially) months is exhausting. It is almost as if you never fully relax in your own home. Because showings! Any minute there could be a call for a showing! And even if its 8:30 at night and there won’t be a showing for the rest of the day, there could be one first thing in the morning. So don’t ANYONE leave a mess out!

Despite the fact that I am a photographer, I really struggled to photograph our home for the listing. Nothing was coming out right. This was a bit of a blow to my ego and I was feeling pretty down about it. But then I reminded myself:

1. Have I ever even read up or taken classes on how to photograph a house? No. But I should!

2. This doesn’t mean I can’t take great photographs of people!

3. It’s time for a wide angle lens purchase!

4. And a tripod!

5. Here in southeast Texas, we haven’t seen the sun in WEEKS! Rain almost every day! No exaggeration. It was seriously overcast when I attempted to photograph our home.

Here are a few of the better of the bad photos:

From the front door: I hadn’t adjusted ANY settings on my camera when I took this one. That explains the odd washed out look and the white BLUR in the bottom right of the photo. I was desperate to highlight our entry, though! It is one of my favorite things about our home! This hall, the family room, and the kitchen take up the entire depth of our home which is built narrow but deep.

christmas and house 124

The family room: this gives you a better idea of what I was dealing with, lighting-wise. The lighting wasn’t nearly as bright in person so I was overcompensating with my camera settings and it just did not work. At all. These gorgeous windows that line one side of our home normally let in a TON of light and I loooove them!

christmas and house 120

My bedroom. I felt like such a creep hiding in my closet trying to get a good shot. This shot also reminds me I really need to do something with those lamp shades. And get something above the bed.

my bedroom