What I Wore Wednesday #12


I wore this to the park where we met up with some homeschoolers for a cool science class or two. Then lunch and grocery shopping. And to another park to play before dinner. It was a beautiful day out!

Top: Walmart, jeans: target, shoes: Payless ( ? 9 years ago), jewelry: Sam moon


All black and big hair worn on Saturday to travel to a cute little college town a few towns over. We found a cute cafe for lunch, drove the town looking at a few possible business opportunities, and just kind of enjoyed the town. Then we met up with friends and family to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I think we did something else after that but I can’t remember- long weekend. 

Top (actually meant to be a shirt dress I think): old navy, crops: Walmart, pumps: target, jewelry: Sam moon


The slip that is built in with this skirt wasn’t long enough so I had to add another longer one underneath and didn’t realize until I got back from church how bad it looked. I’ll have to remove the slip. 

Top: old navy, skirt: Walmart, shoes: target, jewelry: Sam moon


Top: old navy, crops: target, shoes: Payless, jewelry: Sam moon