What I Wore Wednesday #6

What I Wore Wednesday is a way of keeping us accountable for what we wear each week so that we aren’t sucked into the all too easy trap of yoga pants all day every day. Us stay-at-home mamas are particularly susceptible to this trap. They are just. So. Comfy!

I’ve got a sister and a sister-in-law who are both SAHMs as well as a college student sister and a recently graduated from her Masters program sister, all of whom I am challenging to join me in this pursuit of fashion accountability. They’ve all got great senses of style, so I can’t wait to see what they post- especially since my sister-in-law is the only one that I see regularly. My other sisters all live far far away in The Land of the Frozen North.

I’m calling this look “30 something SAHM meets Katniss Everdeen”. Not because I look ready to figurehead a revolution and make some kills with my bow and arrow but because of the colors. I was seriously wishing one of my sisters were here to do an awesome braid for me to really complete the outfit. I wore this same outfit but with a scarf about a month ago I just realized as I was searching my phone for more outfit photos. This was my super romantic Valentine’s Day outfit. Obvs!
Top: forever 21?, cardi: target, leggings: Walmart, boots: famous footwear, jewelry: Sam moon


Church outfit
Top: old navy, midi skirt: tjmaxx I think several years ago- I think it’s meant to be a dress but the lining would be suuuuper short if worn that way, pantyhose and shoes: target, jewelry: Sam moon

I’m mad at myself for somehow missing Tuesday’s outfit because I was feeling like it was pretty cute, but I suppose it was mainly just Target purchases with my usual boots. And last week there were two cute outfits that I missed as well. I’m not doing do great with remembering the selfies, but at least I’m doing better at wearing sweat pants less! And that’s the whole point of it all, right?

And today’s outfit:

Even though I think of these earrings as being more spring than winter, I couldn’t resist wearing them today. They’re one of my favorite pairs!


And if you are reading this on a desktop or laptop then I apologize for the huge photos- I’ve been lazy and am doing this from my phone app.