Fall Decor

It’s still in the 90s most days here in Texas, but it IS fall, so the seasonal decorating has commenced! Fall is my FAVORITE! I post lots of pics on Instagram, just FYI, so if you follow me, you’ve seen many of these already.

Not fall decor, but I Love this pulley from a treasure of a little shop in Galveston. My husband had to have it and who am I to disagree:

These white pumpkins were an oddly relaxing weekend project. My husband was out racing his new car, so I was a little anxious and needed some mindless busywork while I half watched some HGTV. Before I came at ’em with my paint brush:

And after:

Pumpkins seem to be my go to this fall. In fact, I’ve actually only put out about half of my fall decor. The rest of it I just didn’t love, so I’m going to try to pawn it off on  give it away or sell it. I’m enjoying more simple holiday and seasonal decor this past year.

My daughter has been after me to get the Halloween stuff up, so I’m going to try to reign her in tomorrow by allowing her to put maybe half of my stash in the house. I dramatically purged Halloween decor last year, so I’m hoping it’s not too bad.