Make it Monday

Today is all about:

1.) The BEAUTIFUL weather that blew in! The sun is shining, the doors are open, and the house is getting much needed fresh air! Makes it hard for me to be grumpy- even on a Monday! I’m having a hard time being inside on a day like today, but it is:

2.) Laundry day. I get all the laundry done every Monday. It’s nice not having to worry about clean clothes for most of the week. I do toss maybe 2-3 loads in on Saturday night just to kick start it and also so I can outfit plan. Yes, I do this. I plan for at least a week at a time, including work out clothes. I seriously love doing it. It’s an event for me.

3.) Binders! In addition to updating a couple of my own binders, (as I mentioned yesterday) I am also putting several together for my 8 & 9 year old girls at church.