Master Bathroom Organization

Organizing the master bathroom has been on my “to do” list for a few months, so when At Home asked me to share an organizational project, I knew it was time to get on it! My daughter and I love to have “spa nights” from the comfort of home and I think this newly organized cabinet is going to make spa night that much more relaxing and fun!

Bathroom organization
I started off by taking my nail polishes out of the tubs they were jumbled up in and putting them in these PERFECT acrylic organizers: 

Bathroom organization
I found these cute little mini apothecary jars in the kitchenware section and decided they would make cute and stylish containers for more essentials:

And this filigree box works as a beautiful place to store the less-than-beautiful pedicure necessities such as callus removers. 

Bathroom organization
Some Epsom salts in an apothecary jar complete our little cupboard organization project. 

mani pedi supply organization
I wanted my storage solutions to be practical yet beautiful and by thinking outside the box, I have an organized, yet beautiful cupboard for my daughter and I to enjoy! 

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    1. Lol! I’d love to! They were super affordable! If you don’t have an At Home near you, I’ve seen them online!

  1. Wow now that’s beautiful! How nice to have space to feature your pretty things 🙂 You should see my bathroom cabinet…. haha not!

  2. Razena |

    You have done a great job! I wish I had the talent to make my awkward space look this clean and organized.

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