Wood Bench

wood bench pew vintage
So this little wood bench looks just like a church pew, right? That’s what I thought it was when I spotted it on craigslist years ago. Turns out, it was from an old Dairy Queen! 

When I called the gentleman who had this listed on Craigslist to arrange a time to come pick it up, I was just happy he was only a town over and I wouldn’t have to drive far.

When I asked for the address, he first mentioned the neighborhood. I was surprised to hear the name of the neighborhood that I grew up in! When he gave me the street name, I was even more surprised by what a coincidence it was that it was the same little cul-de-sac I grew up in! When we pulled up to the house, it turned out he had bought the house from our old neighbor who was bffs with my mom. 

The coincidence and tie to my childhood sold it on the spot. I had to have it! It has since been to five different houses with us and I always seem to find a spot for it! 

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