I Sleep in the Closet

Yes, you read that right! When we were building, we met onsite with the builder and electricians, and as I was going over each room with them, I suddenly realized that my dream of having an island in my closet might not work out. The closet was just a smidge too narrow for much of an island. So the idea occurred to me that if my bed and two small nightstands would fit, I could swap the closet and bedroom!

As soon as we got home to our rental, I busted out the measuring tape and sure enough, with maybe three inches to spare, they fit! So I let the builder know about the swap. He and my husband rearranged some doors and made it work!

I have a narrow but looooong bedroom, and a very large closet now and could not be happier with them! It makes for an interesting jumble of maze-like rooms in that side of the house, but it works for us! Our home has a few unique quirks like this because we wanted our home to fit us and not the other way around. I’m a huge proponent of doing what works for yourself and your family! More on that later 😉.

1 thought on “I Sleep in the Closet”

  1. I love this story! I think everyone should do whatever works for them and not worry about what is “normal” or what you “should” do. I think both your closet and your bedroom look great. And if they work great, well that’s even better! Would you mind sharing the measurements of the bedroom and closet?

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