Dining Room to Game Room

Where the formal dining room in our house should be, we decided that we would get more use out of the room if we made it a game room/ music room. I couldn’t be more happy with that decision- it has worked out really well for us and our extended family and visitors as well.


The littles in the family only needed to be shown once or twice before they knew where the toys were to be found. We have a tall cabinet in the corner of the room that houses all of our board games, as well as what remains of my daughter’s toys. The kids come right in, grab some toys, and plop down on our seriously comfy rug for some play time.

On the same wall is our old sofa that I pulled the dated pillows off of and replaced with a more casual mix and match assortment. This couch is already 8 years old but it has held up so well. No one would guess that it is that old. Its so easy to clean, too. Not to mention how well its held up through SEVEN moves!

We all get comfy on the couch together for some serious Wii marathons. We take our Wii playing very seriously- even going as far as to start off with a couple games of paper, rock, scissors in order to decide who gets to pick what we play first.

The blue side table has been the recipient of three different paint colors over the past 6 years. After purchasing it from a local thrift store for a whopping $15, we painted it chocolate brown. A few years later, I hand painted it a grey/green/blue color. A couple years after that, I decided navy was the way to go and gave it a couple of quick coats of spray paint.

For its newest upcoming transformation, I am thinking about adding a simple wood top to it. The corners of the top are looking a bit sad, and I think a wood top would hide that as well as add some more character to its retro charm.

On the other side of the room is the piano. Our daughter has been playing for three years now and my husband and I adore listening to her play. She has a real talent for it.