From Dated Tuscan Painting to Chalkboard

Remember a few years ago when everyone was all about “Tuscan” style decorating? I was too. While I was on the less ornate end of the spectrum, I definantly leaned towards the earth tones and warmth of the Tuscan style.

Nine years later, most of us have been over it for a while now. But (at the insistence of my husband) we were still hanging on to this oversized painting of the Italian countryside. A few weeks ago, I sneakily moved it from leaning against a wall in the master to the guestroom closet. After pointing out that I had done this, my husband admitted that it didn’t really “go” with our home anymore.

I took this as permission to have my way with it. So a few weeks ago, when I was stuck home (“resting”) trying to get over a cold, I dragged it out to the yard, set it on a box, and tapped off the frame.

After a couple coats of Bulldog (to help the paint bond better) and three light coats of flat black spray paint (yes, I’ve used it before in chalkboard projects and it works!) that I had in the garage already:

I declared it “good enough” and dragged it back into the garage to finish drying. I removed the tape before it got completely dry as well, so the paint wouldn’t peel off with the tape.


And now it sits on my mantle to help fill the enormous space there- our ceilings are 15 ft in the kitchen/living/breakfast room open concept area, so something tall but light weight enough that I could set it up there myself was needed. 


Here it is as the star of my first attempt at a New Years mantle:

All in all, I’m pleased with my free-to-me chalkboard.