Fall Home Tour Part 2

There are just a few more spaces in our home that are decorated (very simply) for fall. I showed most of the kitchen in part one of my fall home tour:

modern farmhouse kitchen fall

On the other side of the kitchen, there is normally a very simple centerpiece on our table. The wooden crate I made last year is typically filled with seasonal items such as fresh flowers, greens, antlers, grasses, etc. To make the transition into fall, simple dried flowers were placed in mason jars and lined up inside the narrow crate.

table seasonal decor
fall kitchen decor
I changed up the quote on the chalkboard. Then added new pillows, and a white pumpkin to the bench:

Fall pew bench decor
After an embarrassing amount of trips to Target, I finally scored THE target tray in gold! The tray was perfect to corral the items on a big table in our office/schoolroom that use as a desk. I added a leaf shaped dish that was previously orange. Again, thanks to my itchy spray paint finger, it got a few coats of gold and then sealed. 
Gold marble target tray styled fall
I added a few things to the music room to bring a touch of fall glam to the room:

The silvery pumpkin used to look like this:

simple fall decor

But after three light coats of Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint, this cute little pumpkin is more my style than it was previously.

 I also added a simple little cement pumpkin and some fresh purple flowers to the island in my closet:

Island fall vignette decor
Fall flower bouquet
Prior to the end of September, our front porch had exactly zero planters, flowers, decor, etc.

The chairs that were on this part of the porch got moved to the back porch a few months ago and I’m still planning out what I want to put there now. A giant swing and long row of rocking chairs sound nice but we shall see 😉.

I knew what I wanted to do for the front steps: planters, lanterns, and flowers! To make the front steps “fall ready” was easy! Adding mums from Home Depot to some planters picked up there as well was an easy start. The lanterns were purchased years ago from Ikea. They got filled with cute white pumpkins. I added a few more pumpkins to the mix, and as fall progresses I’m sure I’ll come up with a few more things that need doing out there.

 Front porch fall decor

That is about it for my fall home tour! Keep an eye out for a fall tablescape next month, after Halloween.