How I Got my Family to Remember Their Vitamins

Though I’ve made it a goal to fulfilling most of our nutritional needs via the food we eat, I feel better knowing that anything we are lacking in our diets can be supplemented by vitamins. But we just weren’t remembering to take our vitamins. Even when I bought all of us gummy vitamins, making taking our vitamins like eating candy, we’d still forget.

I suspected that if I left them out on the counter in plain sight, then we might more consistently remember. But those packages! Not pretty. Lime green just really doesn’t go with my kitchen decor. 😜

My love of decanting things into pretty glass jars kicked in, and on my next trip in to Hobby Lobby, I snagged up these cute little jars that are the perfect size. For a while, they sat on my counter, on a white little tray from Container Store.

A year later, I decided to switch things up, and on another trip to Hobby Lobby, I bought this wood pedestal. I had something different in mind for it, but when I was staining it, I realized it was misshaped. For the project I had in mind, it needed to be totally flat. That’s when it occurred to me that if I put these little jars on it, the wonky-ness (yes, it’s a word! Ok, maybe not. It is now that I’ve typed it ha) wouldn’t be as problematic and I could embrace it’s imperfection.

And now that my vitamins are no longer unsightly and visible, I’ve found that my daughter and I are better about taking them. Bonus: when my brother-in-law is here, he nabs a couple. He likes taking his vitamins too 😉. I love that guests in our home notice that kind of thing and I get to test my theory out on them.