Bedroom Update

This may seem totally ridiculous to many, but I’ve been slowly neutralizing my house. I’ve been removing a lot of the color and replacing it with more neutral colors.

So a few months ago, I decided that as much as I loved my bright yellow duvet and accents in my bedroom, I’d rather have a more soothing palate. I’d like to find a linen or linen look duvet to replace it with now that we are headed into the cooler weather. And obviously, once we get into our home once it’s finished, I’ll have my mirrors and other accessories back up to add more interest.

My room a few months ago before we sold our house:

And now:

I miss my mirrors and a few other things that are in storage right now. It’s going to be like shopping but free when I get to unpack all my accessories and things when we move in to the new house!