Halloween 2015 Decor

Being in a rental this Halloween means keeping things relatively simply for seasonal and holiday decor. So last weekend My daughter and I got out a couple of tubs full of Halloween decor I had stuck in the garage and sorts through it, picking out the things that were easy to set up. She had fun decorating her piano and that area:

Last year I stuck a tiara on this skull and E decided it’s now tradition:

My daughter made these spiders from wood craft beads, pipe cleaners, paint, glue, and goggle eyes when she was 4 years old:

For me, Halloween decorating isn’t about picture perfect styling. It’s about witnessing the magic of the holiday as experienced by my daughter. I love handing her Halloween decorations that she made when she was a preschooler and letting her set it up as she pleases. I love seeing the sparkle in her eyes as she imagines the fun she’ll have on Halloween while she is setting out decorations. As she is setting things up, I hear her giggling to herself as she is envisioning herself scaring people with creepy items like spiders and mummified rats. Moments like these get more rare the older she becomes, and I savor each one. 

I had a little fun setting out some Halloween decor as well 😉. 


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