Music Room Design

Instead of utilizing a room at the front of our home as a formal dining room, we decided to make it a music room for our daughter. While we love to hear her play the piano (and she does it beautifully), sometimes her practice time overlaps times when we are working from home. The beautiful tall french doors (that I had to battle it out with our builder for) allow a noise buffer so that piano practice and business phone calls can happen at the same time.

wood french doors music room

It took a couple of months of just living in the house before I was even ready to begin thinking about what to do with the room. After paying attention to the spaces I was admiring on social media and various websites, I realized I was leaning towards something a bit more glam than my normal style.

I felt a little out of my comfort zone designing something slightly more feminine and glam than what I normally would. But after shopping my house for a few pieces and a couple stops to At Home and Office Max, I felt more comfortable with where the room was going.

The 24″x 36″ poster frames caught my eye during a At Home run. Not only did they have that more modern glam feel I was after, they were a steal at under $30 a piece. After a stop at Office Max for 3 engineering prints (about $3 a piece) I had enough wall art to cover one of the walls for about $100. Score!

A progress shot:

music room progress pic


And where it’s at now. Still a ways to go, but seeing as it IS the room directly to the right of the entry, and guests see it every time they enter our home, it is much improved.

music room design

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