Valentine’s Day Tablescapes

I don’t do an enormous amount of decorating for Valentine’s Day, but I do love to do a Valentine’s Day tablescape. We generally just order an early dinner from a favorite restaurant and my husband picks it up on his way home from work for us to enjoy as a family at home. It’s nice to have the table set nicely while we enjoy our evening.

Last year’s tablescape theme was “Love Letters”. Love letters have an extra special meaning to us. My husband’s love language is words of affirmation.

I keep a notebook just for him, where I occasionally write words of encouragement, express my gratitude to him, or just a quick reminder that I love him and and think he is pretty great. I’ll leave the notebook out by his sink after I’ve written in it at night so that in the mornings, as he is getting ready for the day, he sees and can read the note and even flip back through the old ones.

But our letter writing started well before that. When we were teenagers, he served a religious mission for about two years. This was back in the dinosaur age, before missionaries had access to computers and email. While he was in his mission, we wrote back and forth. He told me about his experiences there and I told him about what was going on back home and offered words of encouragement to him. This was before we had even started dating. But at that point we both knew that it was inevitable!

For this year’s tablescape, I wanted something that spoke to me. I love the idea of the flowers appearing to just overflow onto the floor. A bunch of candles rounded out my idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day table. Lighting is everything! And candlelight is VERY flattering lol!

What’s your love language?

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