We Have Windows! And Siding! And Exclamation Points! 

House update: all the windows but the huge wall of windows we are having made for the livingroom are in:

And the siding is going on as well. Here is a never before seen shot of the back:

Construction sites sure get messy but it’s a glorious kind of messy- it means things are getting done!

The husband met with the pool company yesterday, and the pool designer is going to make the changes to the concept they gave us a few months ago and give us a couple of different options. The house is going up so fast that I think they want to get moving on the pool pretty soon!

We had some renderings done but the pool was not exactly what I had in mind. They designed a VERY cool pool, it’s just not what we had discussed, so some changes are going to be made. Just for fun, here are a couple of the old renderings:


The guys at the pool company are friends of my husband. They added a giant spider mosaic to the other end of the pool and some other humourous items as a joke, so I’ve decided to not include those, lol.