What’s Up Wednesday

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Eating this week:

I’ve joined my sisters and my mom for the Fit Girl 28 day jump start and we are on week 3. This means our meals for this week are:

This weekend Jeremy, Hali, and I were cuddled up in the schoolroom chairs and just lovin’ Hali up, when I pulled out the photo album of her first two years or so. We sat and ooohed and ahhhed over how cute baby Hali was and reminisced about her quirks and cute chubby babiness.

Right now I’m loving everything FALL! Sure, we went swimming Saturday, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy fall scented things! And pumpkins!

We’ve been stupid busy as a family lately. We are building a house and will be building a new location for one of our businesses shortly. We also bought a dealership this summer that we will be putting another location for our business in, a few towns over. And we are now in negotiations for part of ANOTHER dealership a few towns away that we will open up another location in. We spent our weekend looking at appliances, sinks, bathtubs, etc. and then driving around a new town, trying to get a feel for it after ¬†walking around the abandoned dealership there. Homeschooling, classes, and church activities have been keeping us busy as well.

I’m dreading the heat. I’m ready for it to cool down into more autumnal temperatures. I’m ready for picnics and walking the neighborhood with my daughter. I’m ready for park days. I’m ready for it to be cool enough I can clean out my garage!

I’m working on service- specifically showing my daughter the opportunities available to her to give service. Our church is participating in 100 Days of Service. It’s a fun project and I have been brainstorming ideas for us.

I’m excited about the progress we are making on our new home!

I just bought The Good Neighbor by A. J. Banner and am excited to start it!

I’m bringing 2007 back and getting into podcasts again. I’ve got several homeschooling podcasts to listen to during workouts in my que and am hoping they will help keep me from early burnout this school year.

In southeast Texas it’s still summer. But only for a little while longer! So crops and skirts are still in heavy rotation in my closet.

This weekend I plan on staying home and getting inspired by watching church conference on tv. The first week of October is quite possibly my favorite week of the year. I’m also going to get a few projects knocked out around the house this weekend.

I love October, so I am looking forward to it immensely! More time outside, Halloween, field trips, cute clothes, cooler weather, etc. what’s not to love?!