What I Wore Wednesday #11

What I Wore Wednesday is a way of keeping us accountable for what we wear each week so that we aren’t sucked into the all too easy trap of yoga pants all day every day. Us stay-at-home mamas are particularly susceptible to this trap. They are just. So. Comfy!

 I’ve got a sister and a sister-in-law who are both SAHMs as well as a college student sister and a recently graduated from her Masters program sister, all of whom I am challenging to join me in this pursuit of fashion accountability. They’ve all got great senses of style, so I can’t wait to see what they post- especially since my sister-in-law is the only one that I see regularly. My other sisters all live far far away in The Land of the Frozen North. 

As soon as I put this outfit together I realized it must’ve been inspired by my sister , Sydney. She rocked her denim look with the cutest gold berkentocks. I’m a tad jealous of them.  I had to make do with some floral tennies from Target or Payless(?) last year.

Chambray shirt: jcpenney, jeans: target, jewelry: Sam moon 

It was a super yucky day when I wore this outfit and we decided we needed to go out and get some lunch and check out some property for sale. It wasn’t feeling much like spring, so I added a little mint to my outfit to cheer me up and it worked ☺️

Cardigan: forever 21, top: old navy, leggings: Walmart, boots: famous footwear, jewelry: Sam moon and Kohls (gift)

Top: old navy, jeans: target, shoes: target or Payless? Jewelry: Sam moon and gift

Pink heathered top and pants: old navy, flats: target, jewelry: Sam moon

And in the bottom of the last couple pics? My bracelet organizer was drying after I spray painted it gold. It’s all cured and in the drawer now! 

Much more glam! 

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  1. That bracelet organizer turned out so cute I want it! Just need somewhere to put it haha. I love all your outfits!!! I want those tennies!!!

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