Guest Room Agility Bed Mattress Review

The mattress for my guestroom has arrived, and Y’ALL!!! I want to sleep in the guestroom now. Can I invite myself over to stay in my own guest room? I think I just might! The new mattress has got me so excited to redo my new bedroom… erm… I mean guest room.

First of all, the idea of a mattress being shipped to me and delivered right to my door blew my mind. I mean, how cool is that?!

After watching the video on to see how to open up my new mattress, it looked easy enough to set up with some help. Boy was I wrong! I needed NO help setting it up. I tried to take a video of myself opening it up, but I didn’t get the chance to, because it went JUST THAT FAST! I used the provided tool to open the plastic around it and before I could even record it BAM! A king sized mattress was right there in the middle of the room! Its harder to open packaging on kids toys than it was to open this.

Tip: Place the mattress on the bed or at least in the room before you open the plastic up, because, well, THERE’S AN ENTIRE mattress in there!

About the mattress itself:

Softest most luxurious feeling mattress I’ve even owned. Hands down. I’m not even joking about moving into the guest room. I want to sleep on that mattress. My back is practically begging me for a chance to sleep on that mattress. But alas, I currently have guests who are enjoying the mattress and I simply cannot kick them off of it.

Can you blame me? My favorite little house guest loves it.

And he THINKS it may be the best mattress he has ever slept on. His mom (my sister) agrees and loves that Agility Bed uses materials that are certified as safe for children and babies.

He also thinks YOU need to get yourself an Agility Bed mattress.

You can thank him later.

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