Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

Shower tub sink cleaner diy
I’ve been using this cleaner for at least 6 years now and absolutely love it! I prefer to scrub the shower while I’m actually in it. With other cleaners, my husband was concerned about me breathing in the chemicals. With this cleaner, there is no worry- it’s just two ingredients! 

White marble tile shower glass tub sink cleaner diy natural
1. White Vinegar: (affiliate link) I use this but any white vinegar will work. 
2. Original Dawn Dishsoap: (affiliate link) I’ve found that the original works best, and in this case, name brand does too- here’s what I buy
That’s it! 

I use about 2/3 vinegar to 1/3 dishsoap. I don’t even measure- I just pour them directly into a (affiliate link) spray bottle like this and then slowly rotate the bottle around to mix. Do NOT shake. Seriously. Just don’t. You don’t wanna have to deal with that mess.

How to use:

I spray my shower, tub, and sinks down with this in the afternoon and then that night, I use the scrubby side of a sponge (affiliate link) like this one, to scrub everything down. I just run some hot water over the sponge and give everything a quick once over. The key is to let the cleaner set for at least half an hour. I obviously let it set several hours, which is even better. 

I’ve found this cleaner to work better than most shower cleaners. Consistency is key- don’t go longer than a week without cleaning, and you shouldn’t have any problems! I use this to clean the glass, tile, grout, shower head and handles, etc. it’s safe on everything I’ve tested it on, except polished marble. It will take the shine right off of it as well as other polished natural stone. I suppose if you have unfinished copper it would patina it, but that’s the only other surface I can think of that it would not work well on. 

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    1. I use it on the honed marble that is on the shower floor but NOT on the polished marble that is on the counters. Vinegar will etch polished marble. Hope that helps!

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